Who Are We?

The Good Stuff is the baby of chef-turned-baking-obsessee Abby Hart who’s move to Malta coincided with a budding love-affair with the rewarding complexity of sourdough in 2017 and now eats, sleeps, breathes bread. Though The Good Stuff started as a one-woman-operation from a micro-bakery, it’s now grown to include more people to help us bring our passion for real bread to the Maltese islands.

Abby As a child growing up in 80’s England, the highlight of the week for Abby was Sunday lunch at granny’s which she would help make from scratch. When the extended family came over to eat Sunday lunch -  family, landscape, produce and the sweet labour of making a meal for people you love became inextricably linked.

Living in Ireland as an adult - the land of real butter and grass-fed cattle - her devotion to food matured. She attended the Dublin Cookery School where she learned to cook everything, from pate to souffle. And later, with the inspiring guidance of renowned cook Carmel at the Good Things Cafe in wild west cork, where celebrities would helicopter in for a great meal - she deepened her belief in the simple magic of high quality ingredients.

When her wandering spirit (and local wife) brought her to Malta, it was the Maltese love of bread and our palate, (primed as it was by our similar ħobża) that sowed the seed of sourdough. What followed was an inspirational training course at the Dusty Knuckle Bakery School in London - and a lot of experimentation. As her art got better and better, she pushed to start The Good Stuff as her own contribution to bringing back true old-school sourdough, using the best possible ingredients. Slowly made, hand-shaped, real and unadulterated flour, no
chemicals or artificial yeast. And that tastes absolutely outta-this-world.
Abby’s passion is not limited to only producing breads - She is fully committed to passing on her knowledge, the way people have passed it onto her along the way, starting from her grandmother. She believes that teaching people to bake their own delicious bread from scratch, bread that they can share with their own community, is one of the best ways she can empower people to take charge of their own health, and life.

Ġiġi is that afore-mentioned Local wife. She was hired so Abby doesn’t have to touch her phone with floury hands. She is master of operations and does all the admin. Buy something from the shop, have a question over FB? It’ll be Ġiġi on the other end! 

Meg is a dream-come-true kind of employee ❤️